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Hi, I'm Elle - Ruth's daughter and the eldest sister. I'm a wife to a gorgeous man and mumma to a little lady of my own. When I'm not on maternity leave, I'm a communication specialist and office manager. I love food, travelling, spending time by the water and discovering who I am as a mum. My current favourite Lewis Street Store items reflect just that. The Birth Space and Belly Oil were two products I loved during my recent pregnancy. I've got the two Sunday Lane cards framed on my daughter's bedroom wall and the Black Teddy Pouch in her pram filled with baby essentials. The Alhambra Candle and Downer Essential Oil are two of my favourite scents to burn at home. And I currently don't go anywhere without the Almond Gingham Linen Picnic Rug. 
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  5. Tortoise Bistrot Shiny Serving Set
  6. Teak Bistrot Shiny Serving Set
  7. Inartisan Zoya Brass Cheese Set
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